Hi, I'm Michael Hebron Sr.

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*BBA- Management - Texas A&M University®

*Currently STL 6th Ward Committeeman and elected for 2nd term

*Sits on the Advocacy committee for the St. Louis Realtors Association®

*Vice President of GDEA -NA

*7 Years as a REALTOR®/ Business Owner

*30 years of Management and Empowering others

*Licensed Security Officer

*Son of a Commander (retired/past) in the United States Coast Guard (40 Years) /Navy (2 Years-WW2) -

*FUN FACTS: Some famous people that I am related to :

Mr. Rogers (past TV personality),,,, Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman),,, and a couple of VERY high ranking Navy Officers (past) that made it into the history books.

* More facts about Hebron: Lived in 7 States and I have lived in 7 out of the 25 biggest cities in the USA (St. Louis #70 in size)

What makes Hebron Different 

 *After living in 7 out of the top 25 cities in the country,  Hebron has a little more insight on city life and other perspectives that could be beneficial. 

* Hebron is the only Candidate that is willing and publicly stating that he wants to represent ALL the communities in St. Louis. Other candidates (Democrats) running for this office and other races in St. Louis are acting like there is only one community  (or that only one matters). That is why the campaign is titled " A VOICE FOR ALL"

*Hebron will be working towards abolishing redlining and Fight for the rights of Property owners. 

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Putting My Life Experience
to Work

My experiences comes from living in 7 different states, and in and around 7 of the top 25 cities in the country.  Love from a Father that was not only a smart businessman, but a high-ranking officer in the Coast Guard of 40 years and two for the Navy (WWII).  A Mom that loved me to the end of this earth. The travels through the country has given me an open mind to the different cultures that we are made up by.

I am also a father, grandfather, boyfriend, and ex-husband.  I also live way under the “LIVING” wage in the United States.  

I am also a Christian, but respect those of other faiths (if they do not go against humanity).

My family tree is made up of mixed races and even some famous people. Mr. Rogers (TV-personality), Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman), and a couple of VERY high-ranking Naval Officers (past) that made it into the history books.

My work experience has been rewarded by awards and lifetime friends.  I have over 35 years of management and empowering others.  I have managed and empowered up to 250 people at a time working for the top companies of the industries I was employed by.

One of my biggest experiences is loving the next human being.

So, it is not just my past work, but my past life experience that sets me apart from the other candidate.

As a REALTOR-- I can have the connections to help fight and do away with Red Lining in the city and throughout the state. Also fight for the Rights for the property owners.

As a Leader I will be able to have a voice for ALL the communities in the city and around the state.

As a Leader I will be able to talk to other leaders and business owners to help St. Louis prosper sooner than later.

One last thing—I have a big mouth, and not afraid to call anyone out no matter the party, group, or business. The bottom line is the POSITIVE, SAFE, PROSPEROUS future of St. Louis PERIOD.